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  • Jewellery Making
  • Pottery and ceramic painting. - Kilns, clays, glazes, etc.
  • Decorative paints for fabric and all other surfaces from quality manufacturers
  • Dyes, self-hardening clay,
  • Candle-making,
  • Enameling,
  • Screen printing,
  • Marbling, pokerwork,
  • Balsa wood and modeling materials,
  • Casting materials,
  • Lithographic press and inks,
  • Calligraphy,
  • Toy making,
  • Flower making,
  • Knitting Wools and many more

Pottery Crafts UK Ltd.
Suppliers of Pottery Equipment and machinery to Educational Safety Standards.

Kruel Craft and Silk Paints

Quality Craft Paints For Wood, Ceramic, Glass, Fabrics etc.

DMC Needlework Threads and kits

Needlework Fabrics 

Art & Craft Classes
Not available at this time. For further notice.

An extensive range of reasonably priced Art, Craft and Needlework books with a wealth of design sources for all art and craft.

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